Would you like to offer something in instead of or in addition to regular sudoku puzzles? We can supply killer sudoku or greater than sudoku for your newspaper, magazine, periodical, book, or website. These puzzles offer a more interesting challenge to readers who want a little something more than regular sudoku puzzles.

We can supply puzzles of varying difficulties. Each puzzle is guaranteed to have a unique, and fun, solution. Every puzzle has a logical solution and never requires the solver to guess an answer.

Puzzles can be supplied in various formats (jpeg, eps, ps, pdf, png, gif, tiff, etc.) and in most fonts and sizes---to suit the space you have available. Puzzles can be supplied either as hard-copy or electronically in a form so they are ready to publish.

We can of course make the puzzles just for you; they will not appear anywhere else. They can be made to vary in difficulty, to suit your audience.

In some cases, we are willing to supply the puzzles free of charge. For more information, please email us.


Do you want your local paper to run our puzzles? If so, why not tell them with an email?

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Interested in advertising on our site? People who play our puzzles are well above average in education. Just the kind of reader you want on your site.

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