Welcome to Killer Sudoku Online's online killer sudoku game.

Keep values
as entered
cursor movement
returnMove right
upMove up
downMove down
leftMove left
rightMove right
cell contents
1-9Toggle value
Shift 1-9Set value
cClear cell
gMake cell a guess
sMake cell a sure thing
zUndo previous change
(upto 30 undo's)
spaceput a space in the cell

You can play killer sudoku online, right here! Move the cursor to a cell and enter the value that the cell should have. If you are not sure of a value, you can enter multiple values in a cell. If you enter a value in a cell that is already there, it will be removed.

If you have cookies enabled, you can save your current solution and come back to it later. Even if you don't explicitly save your solution, your work is autosaved. If you accidentally leave the page (e.g., you press backspace), and return before you exit the browser, you won't lose any work.

If you want some help generating the possible ways to create a sum, use the sum calculator button, which will pop up a window to help.

Good Luck!

If you have suggestions, or browser incompatibility problems, please email us. Thank you.

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